The Three Seas

The Three Seas combine elements of Indian folk music with a western style of song form in a band full of engaging performers from India and Australia. Listeners can expect a soulful, song-based repertoire with a diverse array of voices and unusual Tabla's or Sitar's here.

Centre stage is the young master folk singer Raju Das Baul. His amazing stage presence, arresting voice and virtuosic Khamak playing showcase the best of the Baul tradition.

Deaoashish Mothey brings his enigmatic style from the mountains in Darjeeling, while Kolkata based rock drummer, Gaurab Chatterjee (from the famous Bengali band Lakkhichhara), smoothly bridges musical cultures. From Australia on double bass, Steve Elfick and saxophonist Matt Keegan complete the unique sound of the band.

The Three Seas will also perform on the The Lennox Stage on Saturday 11th March at 3:45pm - 4:30pm