The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group

The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group promotes multiculturalism by encouraging all to get involved in their performances. Members vary in age and backgrounds, which further enforces the cultural diversity present in Australia

The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group was established in 1977. The aim of the Group initially was to give the recent Lebanese Migrants at the time, an opportunity to assimilate into the Australian culture, whilst also having direct contact with their heritage.

The Group’s work consists of performances interstate and worldwide. They perform in different venues, continually trying to enhance the multicultural nation of Australia.

The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric group also raises funds and contributes to the underprivileged communities in Lebanon and Australia.

The Group is a volunteer organisation and it is an achievement to have kept the group together over the past 39 year. This demonstrates the determination along with personal dedication and motivation of the members. The Group continues working for the community as well as demonstrating the Lebanese culture.

For the past 38 years, The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group has organised the Lebanon Carnival held annually at Darling Harbour. The Lebanon Carnival brings together the wider community and encourages all different ethnic groups to get involved and thus illustrates the Lebanese culture not only to the Lebanese Community but also to other nationalities. Through this encouragement and interaction, this event promotes and maintains this multicultural nation in which we live.

The Group’s work also allows the Lebanese community to have a direct link to their heritage, whilst teaching the young people of today about their traditions. They assisted migrant communities to adjust and settle in Australia, whilst ensuring continual enjoyment with their culture. They share the beauty and richness of the Lebanese Folklore with the Australian Community, educating them on the different aspects that the culture has to offer.