Technology District

Ever wanted to fly a real life drone or build your own mini piano out of electrical components? Or how about use a specialised solar telescope to take pictures of the sun? There are so many fun activities down at the Technology District for all ages, so make sure you come along!

Let's Fly a Drone presented by Jet Airways

Ever wanted to fly your very own drone around? Come down to Prince Alfred Square and you can have a go! Start off using a virtual reality simulator to fly, before progressing on to flying a real life drone and racing around the Drone Circuit! 

Solar Car

Western Sydney University will be bringing their world famous solar car to Parramasala on Saturday 11th! Don't miss out on seeing this marvellous piece of technology!


Use your smartphone to capture a stunning image of our nearest star the Sun (weather permitting) through one of specialised solar telescopes. Sometimes we can see magnetic storms or sunspots the size of the Earth and bigger but it depends on the Sun. Don’t have a smartphone? Don’t worry as a second telescope will be used to enjoy a safe golden coloured view of our parent star.


BioscopeMAN is 3D virtual reality immersive projection screening that uses virtual reality to turn age old great grand father of YouTube, a Bioscope transform, into 4th generation prototype in the form of BioscopeMAN using virtual reality.

A prototype of Bioscope will be kept in front of a screen installation connected with VR headsets that will immerse users into 360 degree foot tapping dance moves with help of virtual BioscopeMAN which is visible via VR Headsets

ThinkerShield Electric Piano

Come in and make a mini-piano out of electronic components! Take aligator clips and wire up a mini-piano using an Arduino and MAAS’s very own product, the ThinkerShield. Learn the basics of how to control electronic systems with code, and how easy it is to start your journey into physical computing in this quick drop-in experience.

Super Quick Stop Motion

Snap quick pics using an iPad to create a stop-motion movie! Craft characters out of clay and place them on colourful backgrounds before taking a series of pictures to tell a quick story using stop-motion techniques. The skills learnt here are easily applied at home to continue your movie making career!