Tai Chi Fitness Australia

Tai Chi Fitness Australia (TCFA) was established in 2000 by Sue Chang.  The group will perform three dances led by Tai Chi Master Chu.

Tai Chi Fitness Australia (TCFA) leads the way in Tai Chi & Qigong National and The TCFA training program is of a national and international standard.

Michael Chu is a Tai Chi master. He is a 19th generation inheritor of the traditional Chen style of Tai Chi from Master Wang Ruizhi. 

 Tai Chi Dance is an ancient practice and follows the road of nature of harmony in balance.

 Tai Chi performance calms the mind, builds up energy within, strengthen the muscles, and softens the body. Tai Chi is also performed as traditional medicine of healing and prevention of chronic disease.

Tai Chi Fitness will perform three dances:

1.  Group Tai Chi Dance: floating clouds, running water

2.  Tai Chi Sword dance by Xia Mei Wang
There is a Chinese saying “A sword next to the Emperor, and the country will flourish.”  The sword is a spirit with eyes like sunshine, therefore a very popular dance to start a new year. It brings harmony, spirit, justice, balance and power to your life in the year of Rooster.

 3. Master Chu will perform part of traditional Chen style of Tai Chi
Tractional chen style of Tai Chi dates from 1372AD as a martial art and prevention of diseases. 

May Tai Chi bring harmony, bring you, your family and the community harmony balance in happy living!

May joy and happiness surround you today and always.

Good luck, good health, good harvest, and good career. I wish you a happy New Year.