Shohrat Tursun

Shohrat’s performances of traditional Uyghur music will instantly transport to you to a world where the Silk Road traded stories not just spices. 

Shohrat Tursun arrived in Australia from Kazakhstan 17 years ago, bringing with him a treasured possession - a two stringed guitar-like instrument called the dutar.

A seventh - generation musician, his father taught him how to play the traditional instrument at the age of six, and it wasn’t long before he decided to play professionally.  Shohrat has since travelled the world performing the hidden treasures of the Uyghur people.  The Uyghur culture is of a Turkic ethnic group living in Eastern and Central Asia with the majority in Xinjiang, China, and a minority living in Kazakhstan.

To hear Shohrat’s soaring vocals and virtuosity of the dutar is truly inspirational for lovers of Eastern melodies and undiscovered Folk music.

Audiences are often left guessing the range of musical influences ranging from the Middle East, Turkish, Mongolian, Tibetan, Indian, Siberian and even Russian.

Expect an amazingly flavoured rhythm in which the time signature changes at every bar and strong vocals signify the hardship of a unique people and their life.