Ramayana – The Lord of the Ring

A new commissioned work for Parramasala 2017, this production is a unique Indian/Balinese cultural collaboration.  With a cast of 50 local and international artists, 20 Gammelan and South Indian Classical musicians; 30 Kecak, Bharathanatyam and Indonesian dancers, the production will be a visually colourful musical dance drama depicting the epic story common to both cultures in Ramayana drama– The Lord of the Ring.

A NSW Balinese Community, Bali Sarasvati and Rasika Dance Academy Production

 Written and Curated by Sumathi Krishnan, Dance and Community Program Director, Parramasala 2017.  

Artistic Creation: Manjula Viswanath & Kade Novi  

Rama and Sita travel through a thick and dangerous forest accompanied by Rama’s brother Laxmana. Sita sees a beautiful deer. Rama proceeds to hunt the deer. Laxmana follows leaving Sita behind.  The ten headed Ravana lusting for Sita’s beauty, disguises as an old helpless man and abducts Sita. Hanuman the Monkey God carrying with him the Ring of Love given by Rama, secretly finds Sita. He drops the Ring of Love on her lap gaining her trust. Rama, Laxman and Hanuman wage a war against the ten headed Ravana and his army to a victorious end.  

Participating Local and International Musicians:  
Key Dancers: 
Manjula Viswanath & Kade Novi along with their teams
Choreography & Natuvangam (Verbal Percussion):Manjula Viswanath
Vocalist - Balasubramanya Sharma (from India) 
Violin- Balaji Jagannathan
Mrudangam- Siva Sethupathy
Ghatam & Morsing- Jeiram Jegathesan

Indonesian Segment:  
Choreography : Kade Novi and NSW Balinese Community  
Music Director and Choreographer: Made Satria
Leader of the Gamelan team: Nyoman Sudiarta
Kecak and Gammelan Musicians : NSW Balinese Community