The spectacularly masked band Prophets (SYD/MEL) are known for their unique approach to group improvisation, ‘stylefree’ grooves and polyphonic sounds, featuring heaps of saxophones, drums, percussion, self-made instruments and DIY masks. Since starting as a quartet in 2007, Prophets has become a community of more than 10 artists with each member highly respected in their own right. 

However, in this ensemble they adopt fresh identities and focus on their collective ideals to create something more than the sum of its parts. Prophets are based in Melbourne and Sydney and their members include: Ah!Puch!, Bird Brain, Groovy G, Heaps Mad, Shazzam, Ctrl+Alt+Man, Dada Boom Boom, Vee-za-Vee, Oh!Noh!Yohkoh!, O.D.D.N.O.B, & Frooty Toots. Seeing Prophets is a wondrous experience that is as much a musical and theatrical performance as it is a social gathering. Definitely one for all ages!

As well as enjoying busking on the streets and playing at the markets, other Prophets performances include Melbourne’s White Night, Sydney Opera House, Conduit Arts, 107 Projects, Brunswick Music Festival, Jazzgroove, The NOW now, Liquid Architecture and Next Wave Festival. They also enjoy inspiring creativity in young people and have run numerous workshops including at Melbourne’s Artplay for the Melbourne Jazz Festival, City of Yarra Youth Centre and Footscray Community Arts.

Last year was an exciting year for the band with the release of their new album ‘Prophets Vol.4’, their first international tour, and appearances at the Darwin Festival.