JAL - Parched Emotions

Jal - the Hindi word for water - is the essence of life, and the very core of this one-hour dance drama produced by Sydney-based Swastik Institute of Dance.

India-born renowned Kathak and Bollywood choreographer Sumati Nagpal creates a parched canvas on stage, populated with characters craving water.

Through poignant moves and expressions, the ensemble conveys its desperation before they find water and perform the dance of celebration. 

Swastik Institute of Music & Dance is a Sydney based fine arts temple designed especially to introduce and promote Indian Classical Music and Dance. Although Swastik endeavours in bringing Classical music and dance like Kathak, Bhartnatyam, Odissi and Hindustani Music as an essential part of your life, we also specialise in choreographing and teaching Bollywood, Folk like Bhangra, Rajasthani, Marathi, Gujrati and other major classical, semi-classical, modern and Regional Indian Music & dance forms.