Miriam Lieberman Trio

Miriam Lieberman Trio seamlessly fuse the lilting harmonies of the kora – a 21 string West African harp – with classical strings and a western folk/pop sensibility. A beautiful, exotic journey from Sydney’s seascapes to the bustling streets of Mali and beyond.

Miriam has a knack for giving her songs a feeling of significance, even
while they float with effervescent pop pleasure. Wikipedia’s
explanation of world music includes a cited description as “someone
else’s local music”. In Lieberman’s case, it’s ours.' - 4 stars - THE AGE

Miriam Lieberman is a singer songwriter known not only for her
unmistakable voice and songwriting, but for playing the 21 string West
African harp - the kora. She draws her influences from far and wide -
she’s given concerts in cities in West Africa and peace festivals in
Japan, she's studied and performed with Mali’s multi Grammy award
winning kora player Toumani Diabate, and has performed from the
South of Mexico to Ecuador, to Istanbul and India, as well as far and
wide in her home Australia. Her songs seamlessly blend contemporary
folk with West African influences and are in essence a collection of
stories, beautifully told through strings, powerful lyrics and her emotive

Miriam is joined by exceptional string players - violinist Lara Goodridge
(FourPlay/Baby et Lulu) and cellist Kate Adams. Adding their sublime
strings and lush vocal harmonies, there is a chemistry between these
musicians and their instruments that open out the songs to a soaring
beautiful soundscape.

Miriam recently released her much anticipated fifth album with her trio. Having worked once again with talented producer Josh Schuberth, Adams and Goodridge, 'Full Circle' is an album harking back to the early work of Joni Mitchell, infused with a feminine perspective