Australia is falling in love with teen singer, song writer and musician, Mi-kaisha

Through her soulful pop R’n’B sounds, strong lyrics, and phenomenal voice she is telling raw stories of love, loss and connections.  Her original music has been played on Triple J and local radio stations across the country and she now has an international audience with over 5 million views on Youtube.

Mi-kaisha was a featured recording artist on the Australian movie, The Sapphires, and is now seen regularly on the Sydney music scene mixing it up with her band or belting out breath-taking solo performances on the grand piano of prestigious Australian venues. 

Internationally known Australian Hip Hop artist, Illy, this year invited Mi-kaisha to feature on his latest single, Background. Last year, Sydney Opera House featured her as the 2016 Homeground Emerging Artist showcasing her original music with the world. 

Mi-kaisha is passionate about writing music with contemporary Indigenous themes and honours her Dharumbal Aboriginal identity in her music.