Masha’s Legacy

A unique synergy of performers from a diversity of musical and cultural backgrounds, Masha’s Legacy explore frontiers of creative expression while maintaining a deep respect for the traditions from which it draws.

The performance is an integrated multi-sensory experience of sound and movement built upon deep groove, oriental sounds, compelling improvisation and the essence of expressive originality.

Led by celebrated composer and reeds player Stuart Vandegraaff and featuring peak musicians from Anglo-Australian and Middle-Eastern backgrounds, the vast musical experience within the group allows Masha’s Legacy to delve into musical traditions including Jazz, Arabic, Klezmer, Latin American styles, Flamenco, Turkish, European classical and various folk styles. The group has played at festivals including Shir Madness (2016, 2013), Diversity Fest 2016, Global Rhythms on the Bay and is a regular at local clubs including Camelot, Venue 505 and Foundry 616.

Reviews for debut recording “Safe Haven” released 2017.

★★★★ This album shows Australian multiculturalism is not just alive and well, it is sometimes soaring to the heavens, whether jubilantly or with exquisite melancholy. (John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald)

Masha’s Legacy … has created one of the best cross-cultural albums I’ve heard in a long time. (Peter Winkler, Loudmouth)