Kiko - Parramasala Mascot

Ceramic artist Vipoo Srivilasa worked closely with Parramasala to create the mascot which was produced by The Inflatable Events Company. The inflatable is lit from within and will glow at night.

Artist Vipoo Srivilasa works predominantly in ceramics, but also produces works on paper, mixed media sculptures and socially engaged art form. His recent work has been concerned with the ideas of contemporary social life and ethical issues as well as his experience living between two homes, Australia and Thailand. The works also show his passion for historical ceramic figurines.

Vipoo sees the Parramasala mascot as a giant porcelain doll decorated with blue and white colour. Vipoo uses the colours and the design as a way to bring different cultures together. He also combined the traditional ceramic style of history with modern popular culture's social media. The 'V' symbol is used in popular selfie social media culture and also represents a peaceful coming together of people.

Commissioned by Parramasala in partnership with Parramatta Artists Studios for the Parramasala Festival 2017. Parramatta Artists Studios is an initiative of the City of Parramatta, supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.