Ilisavani Cava

Ilisavani is a Sydney-based artist from Fiji who started singing at a very young age. In 2009, at the age of 16 he made history as the youngest winner to win Fijian Idol, declaring his position as one of the most talented musicians of the Pacific. Ilisavani has also featured on The X Factor and The Voice.

Ilisavani Cava possesses a talent and star quality that is undeniable.

Ilisavani (pronounced Eelee-sa-vah-knee) is Sydney-based artist from Fiji. He has featured in TV commercials and headlined events all around Fiji and the South Pacific.

A few years ago, Ilisavani relocated to Sydney, Australia to pursue his music performing in events around Australia. In 2012, he auditioned for The Australia X- Factor and successfully participated in the Top 40 Finalists group. He was also featured in The Voice 2016 securing his position as one of Australia’s prominent vocalists.

Ilisavani has been working on original music with his debut single in Fijian language, Nanumi Au Featuring Lesaa Lesianawai shaking up the air waves across the Pacific.  Ilisavani is soon to release his Debut Album in 2017 featuring English pop and Fijian music.

'Singing provides a channel where I can express myself and let go of all my tensions and worries, and it also makes people feel good about themselves. It is also an avenue to advocate for issues that affect us all’, said Ilisavani.

Ilisavani has an impressive repertoire attached to his name. He has opened for vocal super stars Paulini, Fiji, Barry Conrad and written songs for a plethora of artists. He has also sung at major events in Fiji as a soloist and with local bands ant nightclubs, festivals and stadiums in Fiji and Australia at national events and cultural ceremonies. Adding to his growing list of skills, he is also a ‘philanthropist’ that is set on giving back to his community. The IC Movement is taken form the initials of his name and also stands for ‘I Care’.

‘My hope is that it inspires you in some way to make a positive difference & to help someone wherever you are – whatever your circumstance, no matter what your idea of “change” looks like. It could be a smile, a word of encouragement, financial help during a tough time, a gift, whatever you feel you could do. It really makes no difference how simple or radical your expression of it is, because change is still change.”, said Ilisavani 

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