"Singing for the divine beloved" - Music of Women Saint Poets by Carnatic & Khayal vocalist Nadhamuni Gayatri Bharat and her team of artists

"Andal, Kamali, Kanhopatra, Meera's Yearnings pervaded the space, as did "Akka Mahadevi, Lal Ded, Soyarabai's Courage and "Gangasati, Vengamma and Janabai's Devotion. 

Nadhamuni Gayatri Bharat, an acclaimed Carnatic and Khayal Vocalist belonging to rich tutelage will present a thematic concert on Indian women Saints and their beautiful compositions in many Indian languages. Devotion is the sweetest way to be in the existence. Come to celebrate Rasa, Melody and Culture by Exploring Divinity through the feminine.