Evelyn Duprai & The Modern Classics

What do you get when you add a new millennium twist to well-known jazz hits? Evelyn Duprai & The Modern Classics (TMC)

TMC are not your typical jazz ensemble either. They’re a trio comprising percussion, guitar and vocals, but in true jazz style, anything can happen – and it usually does!

Expect to hear everything from Ska, Afrobeat, to Funk and Pop with these guys.

With TMC, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone as iconic songs from the Great American Songbook are given a very playful yet tasteful facelift.

Evelyn Duprai is an Australian born African who has been singing professionally since 2005.

She’s toured with ARIA award winning artists Paul Mac, Silverchair and the legendary Australian Jazz trumpeter, James Morrison - with whom she still performs with to this present day.

Evelyn exudes a joyous energy whenever she sings. Whether it's jazz, funk soul or blues, you'll be drawn in by the depth of her smile, the warmth of her voice, and the authenticity with which she delivers every word she sings.