Duke Dreamer & The Aviators

Expect death defying circus, bizarre illusion, and kooky off-the-cuff comedy...and expect Duke Dreamer to light his bum on fire.

Duke Dreamer – Stunts, Tricks and Absurd Comedy: Expect a magical experience delivered by a sophisticated performer

“Watching him in full Peewee Herman mode is little short of bliss.” – Toronto Sun Review

"Genius” – Red Simons

The Aviators: Cleared for Landing: Separated from society for a hundred years, the aviators explore the present and share their comically absurd impressions of our time. With on-board stereo systems and thrusters that double as juggling clubs they are a classy mobile entertainment duo who delight and engage. Their juggling clubs create the illusion of a propeller system and the aviators have been known to engage in dogfights and group hugs!

Catch Duke Dreamer & The Aviators along the Parramatta River Foreshore on Saturday and Sunday between 12pm - 5pm.