Chinese Wisteria Dancing

Chinese Wisteria dances and performances portray the diversity of cultural elements amongst the Chinese national minorities, revealing the delicacy as well as the rusticity of Chinese folk dances.  It will guide the audience into the snowy lands, great desert regions, mountains and villages.  It will trigger the imagination; provide an appreciation of Chinese history and culture, adding enjoyment in the charm of Chinese folk customs. 

Wisteria represents the beauty of the bright purple and blue flower which is as gorgeous as a rosy cloud.

Chinese Wisteria Dancing Sydney Inc, established in July 2007, is teamed up by dancing professionals and a group of Sydney dance lovers who work in various areas of trades and professions.  It is a non-commercial dance studio aimed at dancing for fitness and fun, and making a contribution to the community's harmony through cultures and ideas sharing with other ethnic groups.   It focuses on Chinese folk dances training, practicing and creating.

The various Chinese elements and flowery costumes enable the audience to have moments experiencing the romance of the Tibetan plateau, the passion of the Mongolian steppe and the tenderness of sea breezes in the Southern land.