Chinese Folk Song & Dance Sydney Troupe

The Chinese Folk Song & Dance Troupe present Chinese ethnic song and dance in Sydney. At Parramasala they will present six dances.

The Chinese Folk Song & Dance Troupe was established seven years ago. During this period, they have actively participated in different events hosted by the Australian government, State government and local governments.

The Group will perform 6 dances from different ethnic groups in China:

The first dance is a Korean folk dance "The Joy". This dance shows the Korean people celebratiing the harvest with their dances

The second dance is a Mongolian solo dance, "Where the heart goes" by Mrs Li Cao. This dance expresses the love of Mongolian people for their motherland

The third dance is a Belly Dance, "Yalla Habibi"

The fourth dance is a Mongolian group dance, " My home is under the white cloud and blue sky"

The fifth dance is "Luoyang Peony Flower Sword", which  combines Chinese opera dance and Chinese martial arts together to show the beauty of Peony flowers as the national flower in China.

And the final dance is " The Joy in Xinjiang". This is an Uyghur dance expressing their happiness and joy in life.