Adorned – Wisdom, Memory & Song

Adorned – wisdom, memory and song is a video installation featuring collaborative performances and handmade wearables by a diverse community of Western Sydney artists and makers.

It features work by Gail Barclay, Tamkin Hakim, Farzana Hekmat, Seinileva Huakau, Hilin Kazemi, Angela Paikea, Tacheen Stuart, Marina Robins, Kathryn Yuen and Susan Ling Young.

The Adorned artists and their drop-in visitors met weekly over a 10 month period to share making skills and stories, discuss memories and culture, and create wearable art. With an open-door approach the workshops were guided by Liam Benson and Kiri Morcombe.

Guest dance and performance teachers Athena Cabot, Caroline Garcia, Amrita Hepi and Salote Tawale engaged the group with performance and script development as new mediums, further weaving their stories together and bringing the wearables to life.

Filmed by Craig Bender and Vera Hong, with a musical score by George Tillianakis.

Produced by Parramatta Artists Studios in association with the Parramasala Festival 2017. Parramatta Artists Studios is an initiative of the City of Parramatta, supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.