Cinema Thali

Cinema Thali film festival will return to Parramasala in 2017! Join us for a celebration of South Asian cinema at Cinema Thali in Lennox Theatre March 10th and 11th! The festival showcases films from around the world and is not to be missed! Read more for films and times

12-2pm - Jagat (Malaysian - Tamil, Malay, Mandarin and English)

Set in the early 1990’s, Jagat follows Appoy, a spirited boy who would rather watch gangster flicks and make prank calls than memorise his multiplication tables. Desperately trying to keep his son on the right path, Appoy’s hard-working father becomes increasingly abusive, as the boy is inexorably drawn to the criminal lifestyle of his uncle, a henchman for a local gang.


2-4pm - CRD (India - Hindi, English and French)

A young Dramatist rebels against his fascist Tutor to form his troop of misfits - aiming to win a prestigious theatre competition and trying to find the hardest thing of all: his voice. Inspired by real life event 'Purushottam' in Pune, India.


4-6pm - Ho Gana Pokuna (Sri Lanka - Sinhalese, English)

One day, a new teacher, Uma, arrives at a primary school in a remote little village in Sri Lanka. With Uma's help, her little pupils learn not to be afraid of dreaming big.


6-8pm - Bazodee (Trinidad and Tobago - English)

Anita, the dutiful Indian daughter of a deep in debt businessman is about to marry a wealthy Londoner when a chance encounter with local Trinidadian singer, Lee de Leon sets things askew. Set on the vivid, colourful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, and pulsing with the sensuous dance rhythms of soca music, BAZODEE is a new style Bollywood musical with a distinctly Caribbean island flavour.